Today I stood with strangers on Tottenham Court Road in London for two minutes reflecting on the terrible bombing a year ago. People left offices to stand in the street, we stood there together, silent, for a couple of minutes, just looking out into nowhere, there was nowhere to look. Just remembering and paying respects. As well we should.

But I cannot help thinking about the war we are in. I don’t know if the 7/7 bombers would have acted if we hadn’t invaded Iraq. I am not sure there is a connection at all. It’s just not something I can ever really know. However, we did invade Iraq and have unleashed a civil war. If our politicians believed their own spin or not I don’t know. Was it a war started for what they thought was a good reason or something else? I don’t know.

But I do know that we invaded. Politicians we elected sent forces paid for by our taxes. And because of this, there are bombings in Iraq every day.

Have we in Britain become like America, where foreign lives are a dime a dozen and only our own citizens count?

If Iraqis were to have a minute memorial for every bomb that kills, they would no longer be able to speak.

So are we, as citizens of the ‘alliance of the willing’ keeping silent for them by letting this violence go on?

Ours is not a respectful silence, it is a shameful silence. If we can shut up for two minutes on a busy weekday for fallen countrymen, imagine what we could do if we all spoke up for two minutes in support of those in Iraq.

Personally I don’t believe we should speak up to get our precious solders home. We should speak up to send many, many more, to build a safe land for all the precious people there, invaders and local.

It takes about two minutes to send an email to your representative to speak up about how you think we should work to end this suffering, will you invest that time?

To email Tony Blair you can go to: http://www.number10.gov.uk/output/page821.asp

To email George Bush visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/


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