Apple & Beautiful women.

Sometimes girls wonder how men can look at a beautiful woman even if he knows she is not very nice. The girls argue it’s the whole package we should look at.

Well, it’s like the products Apple makes and the company.

The products are great, and with the next OS next year, insanely great.

But the company is just not that pleasant. When I worked on the documentary on Doug Engelbart, I talked with an Apple VP about providing a few large monitors for Doug’s 80th. Yes was the reply. The week before the even, he stopped answering his phone. Same with the other I connected with through another friend. Lousy.

I had problems with my laptop a few weeks ago. I had to resort to name-dropping to get anything done.

Today I visited the Apple store on regent street in London after signing up on the Apple site last night (you can only sign up on the day unless you are an Apple Care Pro customer). I sit wand wait. Time passes. Two other people next to me wonder as well. We ask. Turns out we have to register. According to the rude man behind the counter, it’s the same as going to a surgery! When I do get help, even with Apple Care, I have to leave the machine with them for 10 days for the 5 minute operation. Do they not undestand we use these machines for work? Only with the additional Apple Care Pro would they speed it up. Sleazy.

However, like millions of others, I’ll continue to gawk at their beautiful products.

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