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As sent to Wired earlier today:

In your August 2006 issue you feature a timeline of computer and technology development where the 1973 XEROX Alto is credited with being the first computer with a mouse.

You know that this is not the case right? I hope this was just sloppy editing. Or an intern who thinks computers started with the PlayStation. Wired used to be cool, cutting edge and insightful. Now it’s boring, filled with How-To’s and full of press releases. Come on guys, you are not Wallpaper for gadgets. Or maybe you are.

In 1968, at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, right round the corner from you guys, maybe 20  ins walk, Doug Engelbart gave “The Mother of All Demos”.

This is where he showed NLS to the world. In a 90-minute multimedia presentation, Doug used NLS to outline and illustrate his points, while others of his staff linked in from his lab at SRI to demonstrate key features of the system.

This was the world debut of the mouse, hypermedia (what we would later call word processing), and on-screen video teleconferencing. And more.

You can see the video here:

Read more about it here:

And revisit your own article on him here:

Later people from his lab would go to work for XEROX PARC.

And his work continues with our joint project at http://www.hyperwords.net but I guess I blew any chance of you looking at that with my tirade in the intro here. (BTW: nice article on the $100 laptop!)

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