Sony Mylo — maybe not so bad

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On 14 Aug 2006, at 23:11, David Farber wrote:
I think the general purpose device will remain for “some” purposes. But many of the conceivable purposes will have been “off-loaded” to more limited devices.
Roland J. Cole, J.D., Ph.D.

I think that under ‘ “some” purposes’ we can put down ‘work’, as in office work or what some call ‘knowledge work’.

I am making the assumption here that you are talking about more ubiquitous gadgets will take over when you mention ‘limited devices’. Please correct me if I am off base.

When will we ever be able to usefully do our office work exclusively on small devices?

Smart phones and such devices are truly useful for being productive when are out of the office, but we evolved over millions of years on the great savannas, where our work environment was very rich and inclusive. Even a massive flat panel display today doesn’t get close to giving us an environment where we can use our abilities to draw on our hard wired almost automatic faculties for processing rich environmental data.

We have been reduced to working with little screens and though tinier ones will be useful for those out out-of-the-office settings, I feel that we will also be developing larger, even more general purpose machines for doing our day jobs with.

At least I hope so, I am just a software guy kind of intimidated by the hardware world.

Frode Hegland
The Hyperwords Company

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