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Ramadan is offensive to Christians as it unfairly punishes restaurants in business areas which loose sales. Ridiculous claim? Definitively. I just made it up. It’s not hard to find someone who feels slighted by someone else though, so the story about Muslims being offended by the shape of the Apple Store entrance in New York really should be taken with a pinch of salt. If the present issues were not around Christians and Muslims, but for example, with Jews, I am sure one could find someone offended by the Millennium Dome: It looks like a skull-cap!  🙂


Aiport Security

A good point in the Independent newspaper here in the UK today. Page 8, headline: “Security at airports ‘increase risk of terror'”. Couldn’t find a URL, sorry.

The first point that is made that there is a bigger risk of a rocket or mortar attack from outside the airport than someone with a bomb, now that they are looking for this.

But the second point made me feel a little dumb. And scared. Because it’s so obvious and quite scary: Security lines are long and of course, they are by definition not secure – they are there to make the area after them secure. This makes them a very attractive target: Bomb in a briefcase in a security line. Lots of people killed and the terror and chaos that would ensue would be phenomenal. People would be very uneasy about standing in long security lines after that.

Winning Hearts & Minds.

Worth a look.

Worth reading the captions.

Can’t send kids with guns to re-build a country. Hey, I wouldn’t have been any better. I was in the Army when I was younger.

This is what the world gets when the US invades, rips out the current infrastructure (police, army and so on), gets shot at, gets surprised (hey! we are the hollywood heros!) and shoots back. With bigger guns.

Read the captions.

How can this ever be ‘won’?

Had potential victory in Iraq even been defined at this point?

Would we know it if we saw it? If we don’t know what it would be, how could we possibly hope to get there?

Not with bigger guns.