Winning Hearts & Minds.

Worth a look.

Worth reading the captions.

Can’t send kids with guns to re-build a country. Hey, I wouldn’t have been any better. I was in the Army when I was younger.

This is what the world gets when the US invades, rips out the current infrastructure (police, army and so on), gets shot at, gets surprised (hey! we are the hollywood heros!) and shoots back. With bigger guns.

Read the captions.

How can this ever be ‘won’?

Had potential victory in Iraq even been defined at this point?

Would we know it if we saw it? If we don’t know what it would be, how could we possibly hope to get there?

Not with bigger guns.


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  1. newsterrorist on

    Horrific! The captions show the complete absence of empathy. Is this the effect of kids at war, or, as I suspect, they general attitude of ethno-centric Americans to ‘Rag Heads’ displayed before they were even deployed?

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