Aiport Security

A good point in the Independent newspaper here in the UK today. Page 8, headline: “Security at airports ‘increase risk of terror'”. Couldn’t find a URL, sorry.

The first point that is made that there is a bigger risk of a rocket or mortar attack from outside the airport than someone with a bomb, now that they are looking for this.

But the second point made me feel a little dumb. And scared. Because it’s so obvious and quite scary: Security lines are long and of course, they are by definition not secure – they are there to make the area after them secure. This makes them a very attractive target: Bomb in a briefcase in a security line. Lots of people killed and the terror and chaos that would ensue would be phenomenal. People would be very uneasy about standing in long security lines after that.


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  1. irwinj on

    The URL in question:

    The general philosophy appears to be that such measures must have the opposite effect of the benefits we are told they have. If they actually make things less secure, then they help create a climate where there may be greater acceptance of ‘tighter’ measures.

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