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Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Jay-Z, Starbucks Symbolize China’s Real Problems

Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Jay-Z, Starbucks Symbolize China’s Real Problems

… Actually, according to the web site of Starbucks in France… there is indeed one: Starbucks Musée du Louvre – Allée du Grand Louvre – 75001 Paris. Open and close at the same time as the museum…

And I for one is happy about that.

Yes, differences in cultures and individuals is something to be cherished and nurtured (says the Norwegian living in the UK working with Russians).

But you know what, in a real sense, there is also something quite beautiful about stepping into a Starbucks somewhere – at Starbucks we are all the same.

Not all the same as McDonalds with paper diets that are unhealthy, but all the same in coming together over a cup of invigorating coffee, often talking to each other (I met my girl friend at Starbucks and quite few, now good, friends).

Travel to a ‘strange’ country. See the culture. And if you need to, go to the nearest Starbucks and remind yourself that we are all people with more in common than anything else.

That has to be worth something as well.    🙂



Says it all really. Our first challenge of 2007, make the web as simple and elegant on mobiles and music is on iPods!

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