For years now I have thought about how to use the Hyperwords menu when writing. You cannot have it come up on selection, since that is annoying when you are editing.  I had an idea for a little icon that would come up that you could mouse-over.

I pretty much ignored the context menu though (Windows: right click, Ma: control click) since I for some reason felt that it was a rigid system and that we just couldn’t use it very flexibly.

But then Fleur and I discussed it over Eggs Royal at Mike’s this week and I remembered that Rob has his test at the top level, maybe we should think about this. Anyway I sent this to Mikhail and now it’s part of 3.0  🙂

From:       frode
Subject:     Context menu
Date:     2 August 2007 13:51:13 BDT
To:       mikhail

I just played with Hyperwords in the context menu and saw that it is exactly the same, including tooltips!

My ignorance and technological prejudice had prevented me from really ‘getting’ this before.

Keyboard shortcuts still do not work on the mac.

I would be exceptionally grateful if we could take all the Hyperwords items out of the sub-menu and put them on the root level of the context menu, as discussed. This will be very powerful indeed.

If the menu can be the same based on what the user has turned on in ‘Preferences/Layout’ then great, if not, make all the top level items visible.

If possible, get rid of the standard copy and only use ours. If not, have ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ above the Hyperwords items, ‘Search’, ‘References’ and so on, and keep our ‘copy’.
Also as discussed, in Preferences, not a check box for ‘Add Hyperwords Menu to context menu’, but a pop-up:

Hyperwords in Context menu:

Takes over menu, keeping other commands (default)
In sub-menu


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