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3.0 Beta!

Yes, it’s live! Go get it!


Hyperwords for Firefox Release 3.0 (HWFF3?!) is coming along well. Hopefully a public Beta will be out Monday. In other exciting news, we may have a new office soon! Fleur and I have been trying out Enamul’s studio and there is space there…..

Office Maybe


For years now I have thought about how to use the Hyperwords menu when writing. You cannot have it come up on selection, since that is annoying when you are editing.  I had an idea for a little icon that would come up that you could mouse-over.

I pretty much ignored the context menu though (Windows: right click, Ma: control click) since I for some reason felt that it was a rigid system and that we just couldn’t use it very flexibly.

But then Fleur and I discussed it over Eggs Royal at Mike’s this week and I remembered that Rob has his test at the top level, maybe we should think about this. Anyway I sent this to Mikhail and now it’s part of 3.0  🙂

From:       frode
Subject:     Context menu
Date:     2 August 2007 13:51:13 BDT
To:       mikhail

I just played with Hyperwords in the context menu and saw that it is exactly the same, including tooltips!

My ignorance and technological prejudice had prevented me from really ‘getting’ this before.

Keyboard shortcuts still do not work on the mac.

I would be exceptionally grateful if we could take all the Hyperwords items out of the sub-menu and put them on the root level of the context menu, as discussed. This will be very powerful indeed.

If the menu can be the same based on what the user has turned on in ‘Preferences/Layout’ then great, if not, make all the top level items visible.

If possible, get rid of the standard copy and only use ours. If not, have ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ above the Hyperwords items, ‘Search’, ‘References’ and so on, and keep our ‘copy’.
Also as discussed, in Preferences, not a check box for ‘Add Hyperwords Menu to context menu’, but a pop-up:

Hyperwords in Context menu:

Takes over menu, keeping other commands (default)
In sub-menu

Flow text.

Mikhail just finished a version of flow text that works on selections. Just beautiful.

The Evolutionary Brain Glitch That Makes Terrorism Fail

The Evolutionary Brain Glitch That Makes Terrorism Fail
Terrorism doesn’t work.

Very good piece from Wired. But I have to say the precise same point can be made for state-sponsored violence.

State of the art

2.8 is out. Fleur and I are working on Hyperwords Views and Mikhail is working very hard on implementing it. We are also putting together Hyperwords Mobile which will be exciting…

Hyperwords 2.8 seems to have been a tipping point.

User numbers are going up very nicely. Finally.

Now it’s time to get views out, get a good 3.0 launch and make this a real business  😉

2.0 Launch. Thank you!

HyperTeam, HyperFriends.

Only today did I realize how happy I am with Hyperwords 2.0

And how grateful I am to you for your help in making it happen.

I have thought of this release as working for the balance of features vs. intrusiveness to make more users enjoy it as mostly a business problem – it’s time for Hyperwords to start paying its own way.

But then, walking home from seeing Letters from Iwo Jima (excellent movie by the way, a true work of art) and thinking of words and letters in various forms. I remember the first time I was captivated by the printed word; I was reading a book at our old summer place in Norway and I just couldn’t get over how beautiful the printed characters were, the ampersand, or ‘&’ in particular.

Besides the information words carry, they are to me at least, also objects of great beauty. Seeing Letters today somehow brought this home again, even though there were very few actual letters on the screen. It reminded me of how the Japanese used to treat the printed word, with a respect to the point of burning written paper when no longer needed. Not simply discarded.

And in the middle of all this artistic letter-stuff I have always, well for many years now, wondered why we leave characters on computer screens for dead. As we write on ‘word-processors’ we can delete, spell check, change type sizes, insert the odd hyper-link and so on.

But then we hit the ‘Save’ button and freeze the text. The only interaction now is what is provided by copying the text, searching for it or the few options available on the right/control click menu.

And I have moaned about this and written about this and told people over countless coffees how this is such a waste.

And I had the opportunity to study this more in-depth through my masters. And I built a prototype. And started a company.

But today something different happened. Today I finished the demonstration video on and Mikhail, whose friendship and hard work has been the midwife for this work, has almost finished 2.0. There are are a few very strange bugs left on certain systems, but it’ll be done by tomorrow, Wednesday, lunch time.

Today my dream of richly interactive text is real. It is not perfect. It is simply real. It exists without excuses, without the need for explanation.

I started out as an artist and as an art piece, Hyperwords 2.0 is the first incarnation of real interactive text.

I don’t know about the future, about the business, about users, but as a piece in itself, I am happy.

And for this I thank you.

I sent this as a group letter but there is a reason you received this, I quite simply could not have made Hyperwords without you.

Thank you.

Frode Hegland
The Hyperwords Company

Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Jay-Z, Starbucks Symbolize China’s Real Problems

Subject: RE: [IP] Re: Jay-Z, Starbucks Symbolize China’s Real Problems

… Actually, according to the web site of Starbucks in France… there is indeed one: Starbucks Musée du Louvre – Allée du Grand Louvre – 75001 Paris. Open and close at the same time as the museum…

And I for one is happy about that.

Yes, differences in cultures and individuals is something to be cherished and nurtured (says the Norwegian living in the UK working with Russians).

But you know what, in a real sense, there is also something quite beautiful about stepping into a Starbucks somewhere – at Starbucks we are all the same.

Not all the same as McDonalds with paper diets that are unhealthy, but all the same in coming together over a cup of invigorating coffee, often talking to each other (I met my girl friend at Starbucks and quite few, now good, friends).

Travel to a ‘strange’ country. See the culture. And if you need to, go to the nearest Starbucks and remind yourself that we are all people with more in common than anything else.

That has to be worth something as well.    🙂


Says it all really. Our first challenge of 2007, make the web as simple and elegant on mobiles and music is on iPods!

Response to Mikhail’s email 5 mins ago:

On 3 Jan 2007, at 21:06, Mikhail Seliverstov wrote:
Please try again with the updated one.


We are working on something new ans exciting. Not in isolation, with someone who might be able to put it to good use. And it’s just a great opportunity.

But we can’t get the damn buttons named right! It’s an annoyance that’s driving me mad. Well very irritated. And iritable. And I miss Emily with a ravenous hunger. She’s in Panama. For a week!